One Word For 2014

Last year my word was “Build.” This year I kept coming up with synonyms for “Build,” unintentionally. Thankfully I did a little research before making anything official.

And then I kept coming up with words that felt like “the anti-word.”

Then IT came to me.


“A possibility or probability of anything happening”

That’s IT.

At some point in my life I realized that all you really need is a possibility for something to happen and it just might. I think I really started to believe it few years ago when I knew I needed surgery and no one seemed to feel the same way. I just kept telling people I wanted “possibility.”

I got “possibility.”

I got more out of possibility than I bargained for.

I made the decision to build on the possibility.

It’s been great, but not without drawbacks.

I’ve been cautious, maybe too cautions.

I’ve been letting one person’s bad reaction shape my decisions.

But here’s the kicker. That one person hasn’t shown themselves.

It’s that one potential person that I’ve made up in my head.

At first I called it “the devil’s advocate.”

I wanted to look at every decision from every possible angle.

But whenever I found a negative it outweighed all the potential positives.

I’m sick of it.

I’m not saying I’m going to throw caution completely to the wind but I need to leave more to chance.

I need to turn more over to chance.

I’m also reaching one of “those birthdays” sooner rather than later.

One of “those birthdays” that people cause you to dread it, because they dreaded it when they were in your place, because it made them feel old (and it’s their fault that you now feel old).

It’s not awesome, at all.

I feel like since I’m approaching one of “those birthdays” that will make me “of a certain age,” that I should take more chances, since, well, I’m getting older, but I’m still young enough to play the “young and stupid” card.


I mean I can’t claim “young and stupid” as often as I used to, and I certainly can’t do it forever, so I might as well take whatever opportunities are still available, within reason, of course.

2014 is the year of chance, hopefully multiple :)

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