About That Arthrogram

I never got around to telling you all (at least the ones who are interested) what the arthrogram showed so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer (I’ll also try to keep this short since most of you won’t remember how far back this whole thing goes).


The findings were “unremarkable,” which is medical speak for “normal.”

Its good news, but I got really upset about it. It meant bad news for me. I had an arthrogram because of a suspected labral tear. No labral tear meant that the cause of my pain was still waiting to be discovered.

A labral tear would have meant a simple surgical repair & then I’d be on my way. I wasn’t looking forward to having another surgery but if it meant being consistently pain free again how can you say no?

In my head the repair of a labral tear was the easiest option.

The arthrogram showed more nothing than expected, labral tear aside. I guess I shouldn’t believe predictions until there’s evidence to prove them to be fact, at least from now on.

Basically I’ve been bamboozled by a barrage of good news (maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I like how it sounded in my head).

So if it isn’t a labral tear than what’s the deal?

I had a follow up with my PM&R a few weeks after seeing the surgeon (& having the arthrogram).  I gave him the details of the appointment with the surgeon & what I had been told about the arthrogram.

(I also mentioned that I was not very pleased with going to a surgeon with a suspected surgical issue & having Botox suggested (again).)

He said it probably wasn’t a labral tear but it could be “a bunch” of other things.

Oh joy!

(He wasn’t crazy about the idea of trying Botox again, at least for now.)

After some poking around (literally) it seems like the culprit is my Sartorius, specifically a strained Sartorius.

A muscle strain isn’t typically that serious, rest and maybe an ice/pain killer combo for a few weeks and you’re good to go. BUT things can be different with Cerebral Palsy.

And in this case it is different.

Because of my unique (to put it mildly) gait pattern this strain won’t take care of itself, in fact there’s a good chance it could become a reoccurring problem of varying degrees in the future.


My PM&R gave me some “tweaks” for my gym sessions & wrote a prescription to see the orthotist.

I’ve been hoping for a new AFO for a while. Ideally smaller and/or easier to live with, much like how I envisioned “Life with Sam” would be (but wasn’t). I would not be getting my wish, at least not this time. Instead I just hoped it could fit under my clothes.

There’s also the issue of wearing out the one pair of shoes I can wear with my current AFO. I’m not a fan of getting new shoes but I’ve been in and out of AFOs for so long now that I know a new AFO means new shoes.

I was thinking that maybe I’d end up with a KAFO, hopefully with a removable top part. My orthotists really know their stuff, not to mention that they’re really awesome to work with. They’re not afraid to try stuff & make modifications for the good of their patient.

I ended up not getting anything. The best option is a contraption (there is no other word for it) that would go from above my waist to just above my knee. Translation: ABSOLUTELY NO HIDING ANYTHING. The good news is it is an “off the shelf” type of product so I can go pick it up if I change my mind. I did try it out (for a few steps) in the office. I don’t see how anyone can move around with it. I suppose you get used to it but if you can’t sit and stand without assistance on the first try; I’m skeptical to say the least.

As for the KAFO option? I’m too weak to be able to lift my own leg. Did I mention that KAFOs are pretty common for kids? Yeah. Me, an adult, is too weak to lift her own leg under the weight of a KAFO. But a kid? No problem.

This is a problem.

The orthotist suggested possibly trying Botox and getting back into swimming.

I couldn’t resist rolling my eyes. There’s only so much a person can hear one suggestion, ever mind one that doesn’t really work.

I put out an APB for a swimming buddy, mainly because I’ll be more accountable. The truth is I never wanted to stop swimming but once I got discharged from post-op outpatient PT I lost most of my water access.  I’m still waiting to see if a friend wants to be a pool buddy.

The good news is I’m not in as much pain as I was. The even better news is that I’m nowhere near the level of pain I was in a few years ago. But it’s going to take some time, and probably a little more creative thinking, before I’m back to normal (as long as nothing else happens).

I know everyone wants to be different but sometimes it’s nice to be typical

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2 thoughts on “About That Arthrogram

  1. So much for getting “real” answers that you can actually do something with. I know of the contraption you speak about. Yikes, that thing is quite a “beast”. So glad to hear you aren’t in so much pain. Hang in there.

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