2,712 Miles, 10 Days, 65 Degrees

I, or rather my dad, pulled into the driveway at 6:30 Tuesday night.

Bringing an end to my first ever, but certainly not last, 10 day vacation.

It was 75 degrees outside when I arrived in Orlando.

It was 11 degrees outside when we pulled in the driveway.

That’s about a 65 degree difference.

For “fun” I decided to calculate the number of miles I’ve traveled in 10 days.

The total came to 2,712, roughly, and it doesn’t even include sightseeing etc.

It’s a lot in numbers.

Here are a few other tidbits.

I flew to two states, Florida & North Carolina, but I drove though many more.

I spent more than 4 hours (total) in transit to or from an airport.

I prefer traveling in a MD series aircraft over a CRJ series aircraft, if given the choice.


CRJs are a bit tiny for my taste, especially full ones.

It appears I have a growing claustrophobia problem.

On my 2nd day in Florida I looked like this.

FL Dec

On my 2nd day in North Carolina there was a lot of this.

WC Repair

My wheelchair has taken quite a beating in its lifetime, especially on this journey.

Thankfully my dad likes to tinker.

Unfortunately a small part (looks like some sort of cap) fell off my chair when I got home & I have no idea where it could’ve come from.

We also looked at potential options for my next chair

I watched 5 movies.

My quality time love language really is of a relaxed nature rather than being on the go.

This was the first trip, at least in recent memory that I can think of, that I did not ask for help to get though the airport.

It was probably one of my most successful experiences navigating an airport. It’s only reaffirmed my desire to be more independent during travel.

I was able to push my suitcase through a good sized line at curbside check in. There’s obvious room for improvement but at least I’ve proved to myself that it is possible, even in less than favorable conditions.

I was also able to retrieve my own suitcase from the baggage carrousel & get it to the car myself.

And yes I did grin like an idiot for the rest of the day because I was so proud of myself.

I spent about 10 hours driving home.

I spent close to six hours listening to an internet radio station on the drive.

It was one of those artist named radio stations.

We never heard a single song by said artist in 6 hours.

It seemed so wrong we listened to a different station after songs started to repeat.

I unpacked in record time.

I’m practically infamous for unpacking procrastination, especially if I don’t need anything I packed.

I packed one suitcase 3 times.

Someone can do a lot in 10 days or nothing at all, depending on your definition of “a lot” & “nothing.”

I shopped, I ate, I relaxed, I explored, I laughed, I enjoyed.

I got much needed vitamin D infusions.

MD Seatback

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